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Inferno Squad Star Wars Battlefront Wiki Fandom.

Del Meeko and Iden Versio kiss following the Battle of Jakku. Meeko continued to serve in Inferno Squad as it was integrated into the New Republic under the command of Iden Versio, making attempts to capture Hask and Admiral Versio as they fought against the Imperial remnants in the final year of the Galactic Civil War. 18/04/2017 · Iden Versio is our new campaign protagonist.She is part of the empire and leads a squadron elite pilots/ground forces called the inferno squad.Not much is more known about this but that they are loyal to the empire and take direct orders from Emperor Palpatine!We do not know if she is canon or part of Star Wars yet.She is seen in the trailer.

26/07/2017 · Iden Versio and Inferno Squad will take center stage in Battlefront II when the game arrives in November, but you don’t have to wait until then to learn more about her and the special forces group she leads. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, the prequel novel by Christie Golden, is available now and. 17/02/2018 · With all the negative feedback of Iden's defection after 3 missions of the single player campaign. I think I would be great if DICE and MOTIVE made a 100% Campaign DLC set between the Empire Strikes Back and the begining of the current campaign, about how Iden went from a regular Storm Trooper to beign the commander of the Inferno Squad.

"It's a promise to the rebels. It's called Inferno Squad." Del Meeko was a human male soldier who served in the Galactic Empire. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Meeko, along with Senior Lieutenant Iden Versio, Gideon Hask and Seyn Marana, was drafted into Inferno Squad, a Special Forces unit in the Imperial Military, by Admiral Garrick Versio. Seyn Marana was a female human who served the Galactic Empire. During the Imperial Era, Marana studied at the Imperial Academy of Uyter where she graduated at the top of her class a year early. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Marana along with Senior Lieutenant Iden Versio, Del Meeko and. 25/07/2017 · Who is Iden Versio, Inferno Squad’s leader, and what drives her to succeed? Christie Golden: Iden Versio has quite the pedigree — her father is an admiral and her mother was an artist famous for her Imperial propaganda posters. 13/07/2017 · The audiobook version, thanks to some Force-like synchronicity, will be read by actress Janina Gavankar — Iden Versio of Inferno Squad in the excited to present an early excerpt below, in which we see the genesis of this Imperial all-star team. Star Wars fans: meet Inferno Squad. 06/09/2019 · Commander Iden Versio leads the Inferno Squad special unit. She is an expert pilot and soldier and wields a powerful long range blaster.

23/08/2019 · All spoilers regarding the Prequel Trilogy, the Original Trilogy, and The Clone Wars are unmarked. Examples relating to Disney's EU and the new movies can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary. Character page for Inferno Squad. An elite naval special forces squadron led by Commander Iden Versio. I read the Kindle edition of Inferno Squad. Christie Golden is no stranger to Star Wars book fans, and Inferno Squad doesn't disappoint. Centered around Iden Versio, the daughter of high ranking Imperial Admiral Garrick Versio and her team of agents who were. 17/11/2017 · Helmet is constructed in ABS plastic, with injection plastic and metal details unique to Inferno Squad Commander helmet. Custom squadron markings for Inferno Squad Commander, Iden Versio. Bubble lenses are tinted red. Helmet adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Please note that most ANOVOS helmets fit up to a size 8 US hat size. 10/06/2018 · If anyone has played Star Wars Battlefront 2, they'll know Iden Versio's distinct character. I think she would make a great addition as an Imperial Trooper. This is an old thread that I have updated, so that Versio could work as part of a new Imperial 'Inferno Squad' tag, with Gideon Hask, Del Meeko, ID10, and Seyn Marana.

Iden Versio, auch als Inferno Eins, Sigma-Drei oder Imperialengör bezeichnet, war eine weibliche Soldatin des Galaktischen Imperiums und die Kommandantin des Inferno-Kommandos. Iden wuchs auf Vardos als Tochter von Garrick Versio, einem hochrangigen Offizier des ISB und Zeehay Versio, einer. 11/02/2018 · The People vs. Iden Versio. Reply to This topic. Prev 1 2 Next. Go. Bendingo. 54 posts Member. February 10, 2018 12:58AM edited February 2018. Iden Versio. Inferno Squad. Commander Versio. She must be important. A cherished character perhaps? No- Hear me out. So let’s talk facts. As to inferno squad mechanically, there is a chance it could work like this: you pay for the initial model, in this case, Iden Versio, she comes with a personnel and a heavy slot. Personnel is Gideon Hask, and Heavy is Del Meeko. I'm leaving out Seyn Marana as she died prior to the game story.

Garrick Versio Wookieepedia Fandom.

21/06/2017 · The new novel Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad Del Rey Books, out July 25 focuses on Iden Versio and other Imperial soldiers whose nobility depends on if you’re a part of the Rebel Alliance or fancy yourself a devotee of Darth Vader. 17/11/2017 · Partiamo con ordine: la protagonista della campagna single player di Battlefront 2 è Iden Versio, una soldatessa appartenente a un corpo speciale dell’Impero Galattico, la Inferno Squad, che per una serie di vicissitudini cambierà bandiera e si troverà a lottare a fianco dei Ribelli dopo la distruzione della seconda Morte Nera. 02/08/2017 · Christie Golden’s recently released novel Battlefront II: Inferno Squad explains how and why the group comprised of Iden Versio, Gideon Hask, Seyn Marana, and Del Meeko came together and takes readers along on their early missions. Inferno Squad is put to the ultimate test when they’re assigned to infiltrate a group of partisans.

Garrick Versio was a human male who held the title of Inspector General and later the military rank of admiral in the Imperial Security Bureau, a law enforcement and intelligence agency of the Galactic Empire. He and his wife Zeehay had a daughter named Iden before divorcing when Iden was five.Inferno Squad - Commander Iden Versio: Model Janina Gavankar, Photo by Adam Petersen Visit the Gallery for this Costume for more models and parts views.
  1. A special forces unit within the Empire, Inferno Squad was formed by Admiral Garrick Versio following the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin 4. Led by Iden Versio, Inferno Squad exists to protect the Empire from similar catastrophes, to protect and bury its secrets, and eliminate threats to the safety of its citizens. Masters of.
  2. Inferno Squad, or simply Inferno, is an Imperial special forces commando unit commanded by Commander Iden Versio, the daughter of Admiral Garrick Versio, whom she reports to, during the Galactic Civil War. Inferno is made up of Agents Gideon Hask and Del Meeko. Inferno was first commissioned to.
  3. Iden Versio is a Star Wars minifigure introduced in 2019. Iden Versio was a human female soldier who served in the military of the Galactic Empire. A TIE fighter pilot in the Imperial Starfighter Corps, Iden became Commander of Inferno Squad, an Imperial Special Forces commando unit assembled by.
  4. Che voi siate lealisti dell’Impero o Ribelli fino all’osso, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad saprà di sicuro sorprendervi. Annunciato ufficialmente come romanzo prequel del videogioco Battlefront II alla Star Wars Celebration di Orlando in Aprile, la storia narrata da Christie Golden fa da introduzione a Iden, Gideon, Del e Seyn, i quattro.

Inferno Squad's two original members, Iden Versio and Del Meeko, were part of the disbanded Imperial Inferno Squad along with Gideon Hask and Seyn Marana. Four years after Marana's death, Meeko and Versio defected from the Empire and joined the New Republic, recreating Inferno Squad within its ranks. Iden Versio Inferno Squad Commander Character name Iden Versio Tags Commander Galactic Empire Inferno Squad Category Star Wars Subcategory Star Wars Battlefront Year released 2019 Appears in 1 set. Buy at BrickLink. Site Statistics. There are 16320 items in the Brickset database. Inferno Squad, l'ultimo romanzo di Christie Golden, è un volume difficile e profondo,. Grazie al sito ufficiale EA veniamo a conoscenza di alcune informazioni riguardanti i due compagni di squadra di Iden Versio. Svelato il nome della nave della Inferno Squad di Battlefront II! star-wars-battlefront-II-inferno-squad-2.jpg. Hask und Versio kamen aus den Bunker und waren direkt im. Hinterhalt der Rebellen ich Funkte sofort die Truppen aus Sektor 7. Da Iden Versio aber in Battlefront den CMD rang hatte und ihn sehr wahrscheinlich auch auf dem Server haben wird müsstest du glaub ich dein Medic CMD abgegeben. Iden Versio is the protagonist villain of both the Star Wars novel Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, and the story campaign for the 2017 video game Star Wars Battlefront II. Having been born and raised on a planet that prospered under Imperial rule, Iden Versio is a rabid pro-Empire fanatic, and is.

Del Meeko Wookieepedia Fandom.

09/11/2019 · Inferno Squad Engineer Unique Del Meeko gains 15% Defence for each active Inferno Squad ally, doubled for Iden Versio and Zay Meeko. While Del Meeko is active, Stealthed Inferno Squad allies recover Protection equal to 15% of Del’s Max Protection at the start of their turn. 08/11/2017 · What I like about Iden Versio is that, as a playable hero in multiplayer, she's quite unique in a way not like any other hero characters. She's unique not only because she's the latest known character who was just introduced to the whole Star Wars franchise at least so far, but also she's the only hero character who did not appeared in films.

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